14,00 lei

Informații despre produs

Un vechi proverb chinezesc ne spune că „cine are salvie în casă nu lasă bătrânețea să se apropie”.

Salvia este o planta cu  efecte vindecatoare, salvatoare asa cum ii spune  si denumirea  latina - “salvare”.


3 - 4 lingurite cu virf / 1 litru

100° C

5 - 10 minute

Sage is a shrub, which can reach heights of up to 70 cm. The long and hairy leaves have a very delicious and aromatic scent; their colour is light olive-green. The taste is very typical and slightly bitter. Originally, sage derives from the Mediterranean area. It is very common especially in the Adriatic region. Today, the plant is also cultivated in other European countries. Cut sage should be kept in dark and closed containers. Due to the high contents of essential oils, we do not recommend storage in containers made of plastic.